The Generous Tooth Fairy

vancouver WA dentist and the tooth fairyWell, it used to be ten cents and then it rose to quarter, but now children putting their pearly whites under their pillows are raking it in.  A lost tooth goes for an average of $3.68 these days, reports, proving that the Tooth Fairy must carry a lot of bills to account for usual 20 teeth that kids lose by the age of 13.

Economy Improving or Fairy Bubble?

In a probable sign that the economy is improving, a recent Visa study showed the amount the winged fairy left kids was up 23% over last year and up 42% over 2011 amounts. Visa also found that some kids even scored $20 to $50 dollars for a lost tooth! On the whole 90% of households got a visit from the good fairy, which is up from 84% a year ago.

Tier It Up

It seems one of the prime motivators is that parents don’t want their kids to be the ones at the school who got the lowest amount for their molars. Some families tier the exchange, giving more for the first tooth that falls out, and less for any others. A $5 reward is not uncommon for those first signs of officially making it into kid-hood.

Education & Income Factors

The study also found that the longer the parents were in school the less the Tooth Fairy left, and that younger, lower income parents left the largest bicuspid bounties. Visa created the Tooth Fairy Calculator app, which gives parents some idea; given age groups, income brackets and education what might be right to give your kids under their pillows. The app is available for iPhones and iPads and the Facebook apps page as well.  Unlike the teeth falling out on your kids, the app is free.

Mapping The Rewards

The Visa study also showed the where a kid lives changes the amount they receive. Northeast kids got the most with an average of $4.10 per tooth, while in the West a tooth went for $3.70 (Though we at a Dr. Michelle’s Vancouver Wa dentist office could not verify this with our customers), and in south $3.60. Children in the Midwest received the lowest at $3.30 per Tooth Fairy visit.  As high as some of those amount may sound, almost a third of all parents surveyed say the Tooth Fairy left a dollar or less.

Different Histories

Many different cultures have traditions around a child losing their teeth. In some Middle Eastern countries children throw lost teeth towards the sun. In some parts of Europe and Mexico the Tooth Fairy is known as a magical mouse that collects the teeth and bestows good luck and gifts to kids.  In a few Asian countries, like India, Japan, Korea and Vietnam, when a tooth is lost it is the custom to throw onto the roof if it is from lower jaw, and beneath the floor if the tooth came from the upper jaw. While throwing, the child shouts a wish for the tooth to be replaced with a mouse tooth. This tradition is founded on the fact that the teeth of mice grow their entire lives.

Whatever your tradition, or amount your Tooth Fairy leaves, Vancouver Wa dentist Dr. Michelle can help make sure your child’s teeth are healthy and happy. Make an appointment or call us today! 


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